WEBSITE designs

Customer Site Design Today businesses are expected to inform customers of what you can do for them. Without this type of site, your customers usually don't know all the things you can do for them. Plus they have to rely on your availability to answer their questions vs web automation. more
E-Commerce Site Design The internet is bustling with new customers looking for your products and services. Imagine selling a product and getting paid for it while you sleep. All possible with an e-commerce site design. more

Marketing Site Design If you need more leads and customers, then internet marketing is your most cost effective way of marketing. Our extreme marketing system automates all the work for you.more

Risk management

Security and Disaster Recovery are critical top of mind solutions you must think about for your business.

Your data is your business and when depending on computers and data, you want to protect it the best of your ability.

To do this on your own and not get professional advice is like committing computer suicide.

company services

We help business people get their businesses working effectively on the internet through appropriate web design and marketing development to get more customers and keep them coming back for your products and services.

unique services

Video Production and Editing

Video is stronger than ever on the internet these days. With the advent of download speeds, it makes video a great addition to any website.

Research shows video converts higher than any other media. Internet sites with video out perform a site without video.

Lead Generation Software

Create referral sources for your business and receive an SMS right away notifying you of a new lead.

Stay on top of all sales reps leads nationally or even internationally with one system and to ensure follow up to increase your conversions.

Business Coaching MasterMind

Need some help and guidance. Register for the Rich Results Coaching Program with Steve Holloway.

Learn the latest techniques and strategies for getting more customers and keeping them coming back for more. The MasterMind allows you to learn from many like minded business entrepreneurs just like you.


We have a new marketing program starting on 15 August 2042. Register your interest by leaving your name and email and we will put you on our pre-notification list. You will be contacted with more information.

complete marketing service

We offer a coaching program called "Make Money Online" and you are welcome to join us. You will pick up tips and tricks that you can use for yourself to get more customers.

We use webinars, teleseminars and video training along with live seminars to help you learn and apply.