Capture Prospective Buyers

One of the biggest business wastes is not getting the names of interested prospects. Worse still, not following up with them. Web Rich Results have developed an integrated marketing module that automates the capturing and follow up to your prospective customers.

Marketing Campaigns

You can develop multiple campaigns in email, SMS or fax format to send to prospective customers. You can have an email today, a fax tomorrow and an SMS the next day. Or just broadcast all your existing clients with a Happy Australia Day! Just wait and see the positive feedback from your customers!

Action List for Follow Up

The marketing automated system comes with an action plan for every client listed in your database. Every time you add an action like a birthday or anniversary, the system lets you know or can send out a greeting automatically. No more missing important dates with customers!

Customer For Life Philosophy

One of the most desirable things business people want to do is keep in touch with their existing clients. However time always slips away until now that there is a system that totally automates the process. Now you can maintain contact to keep customers coming back again and again. This affects your positive growth more than anything else you can do for your business.

Broadcast by Email, Fax or SMS

This extremely powerful marketing system allows you to combine or send separate emails, faxes and SMS's with one system. This adds power to your marketing efforts and sets you apart from the competition who may only do email marketing. SMS can be sent to only one client if you wish or a group selected from your client list. You can pin point customers with only blue eyes if you had that information. Laser focused and ready to go!